Hartford Hash House Harriers


CPR 2:  not flat lining yet:  the re-re-re-revival 4/10/10

Hare:  BonerDonor

In attendance:  High Bush, Garfield, Justgreg, Dr. G, C*fest, H.I.G., Bondage Barbie, I Eat Cum, Likes to Bang Poles, Ice Box, Counterfeit Dick, Jimmy Crack Whore, Crucifux, and about 4 others whose hash names escape me but your faces and antics are still emblazoned on my brain.  

This was a multi-cultural hash, with outpourings from multiple surrounding kennels.  We were very pleased.  The trail was set from the same spot as last year, and for those who hashed it last year, it started out oh so similar...tantilizingly so.  But it was all a ruse, and this trail quickly took the pack to new places:  like pissing off the Weselyan tennis team with a song check, defacing ancient burial grounds (you are so gonna be haunted), and tripping down the railroad ties ( a persistent feature of the bd trail).  

A piece of hashit was gloriously recovered by one hasher having traveled thru boston and happy valley hashes and was bequeathed to bonerdonor.   So you shall see him adorned in full regalia at the May 15th, $5 hooker hash!  


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