Hardfart Bhash (6/19) is a Bust; Love to BP - Hartford Hash House Harriers

Hartford Hash House Harriers

Was it because I changed the time several times?  Was it because I eliminated a non-bike option?  Was it because it was so gosh-darn hot that day?  Whatever the reason, I was on my own last month for HartfordH3's bhash.  I waited in the parking lot like a forgotten puppy staring at the windows of the cars cruising through the parking lot, looking for tell-tale foot decals.  But none were to be found.  I read the Advocate, and finished the Sudoku.  But then I perked up, for I realized:  there's beer in them thar hills!!  I'd spent a few days biking and packing in 6 packs of yummy microbrew to various spots along the many miles of trail, and those cold* glass bottles of suds weren't going to just drink themselves...

So I dumped all the flour I had in the woods by the parking area and off I went.  The trail started off brutal with a lot of climbing but fortunately the trail bike handled it alright, and by the time I got to the first beer check I was drenched and ready.  The second beer check was also delightful, and all was right with the world as I pedaled home.  I left a lot of the beer out there, so future runs or rides can be pre-stocked.  
Here's an example of a back woods beer check.  A mild-mannered mossy rock, right?

Wrong! Taa-da!!  Beer!!!

In other news, we are saddened to hear that Happy Valley, who just had their own bash yesterday, had a crash with significant injury.  Love going out to Big Piles and prayers for a speedy recovery.  
On-on to rehab!!  (not the alcoholic kind),
Just David
7/22/2010 01:01:54

Hey Donor!
Nice to hear you still hashed anyway. Good for you! I searched for the Atlanta Hash as soon as I got here and Holy Crap! there's like 12 groups here and a hash prettu=y much every day! The "original" Kennel hashes every saturday, but I haven't had a chance to go out with them yet, with all the moving and all, but I'm almost almost all settled in so maybe I'll be crashing their next hash.

Very cool leaving the beer out there for future runs (or maybe Geocaching, which I hear is like a super-dork hash). I wonder if the bottles will explode if they make it out there 'til the winter though.

I'm still waiting on an answer from CT to figure out if I'll have to go up there in October for my licensing exam. I'll let you know and maybe we can have a hash.

Anyway, On-On!

10/2/2010 13:26:36

Anyone doing this in Hartford anymore? I'm interested.

10/23/2010 02:04:04

looking to hash

10/23/2010 02:06:00

Looking to hash. Is anyone doing it these days?

Just Dan
12/3/2010 08:12:38

What's up with this hash? Email bounces, hashes are all outdated. I assume the group is defunct but isn't there anyone monitoring this site who can provide links to connect people still interested in hashing?


8/16/2011 23:39:15

Is hash still happening? I stopped getting emails ~a year ago


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